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F1 moves to military help?

March 10th, 2020 · No Comments

So the F1 season is about to hit out full throttle. With all the team presentation showing off all the new cars and all the latest high tech features it was pretty cool to see everything.

The technology behind the cars is really incredible when you compare it something like your everyday care. Sure some features have made the move over with braking systems.

What would be great is if some of the technology made it over to the military troops fighting overseas. Forget about the average car consumer. We really don’t need to go any faster and if everyone does not drive like a maniac our cars are safe enough unless you end up driving beside some 18 wheeler truck driver who is zoned out on no-doze pills.

So its all the different military forces that should be using the latest and greatest F1 equipment improvements. The Canadian forces recently got an upgrade in their standard recon Military Vehicles that they use to patrol. Now the soldiers do not get blown to bits if they hit a landmine. Thats one big improvement for the troops.

But what about if they had some other improvements. One standard F1 feature that should be ported over is the acceleration. I’m sure the soldiers would like to have some F1 speed to extract themselves from situations when they find themselves under fire.

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