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Volkswagen help please

January 9th, 2020 · No Comments

No Volkswagen is not makig some big huge Formula One announcement. More like my search for the best value and deal has lead me to the Germans.

While searching out some information about all the new models I found this Volkswagen Forum which had plenty of information on the current models and some of the older ones.

My search for the ultimate car involves the quest for Formula One handling and the budget of a low end, second hand karting unit. So the Audi and BMers went out the window pretty fast. Didn’t even visit the dealer lots.

So it was time to look at the germans. For information about the Volkswagen Passat the article on the Volkswagen forum helped me find out about the new 2007 wagon. While the car seems to fit the bill its that price tag that is still killing my purchase plan. No matter what financing deal they throw my way it does not work out. I might as well have been looking for my Paris Dakar ready for action Touareg model. Its was working out to the same price but I was trying to get a lower price just because the Touareg is so ugly. Plus you can barely pronounce the name.

It does not matter whats under the hood in all situations, sometimes you have to look at the outside when you’re buying a car and the Volkswagen Touareg really needs some more work in that department. But than again I’m not some german Volks/Porsche car designer living the good life in the Black Forest. Yes I think its time to find an old Volks Fox wagen, that might fit in the budget.

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