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Preparing for your Learners Permit

January 29th, 2021 · No Comments

Preparing for your learners permit exam can be challenging. It’s estimated that over 60% of teens fail their learners permit exam on the first try. This may very well be attributed to using old learning techniques. Advances in learning technology show that people of all ages learn more effectively through interactivity in multimedia experiences.

The Drivers Education website offers an online Learners permit preparatory course for most states. This course specifically prepares teens, using the latest learning technologies, for their learners permit test. It combines text with audio, video and graphics, coupled with real time interactivity to engage the student and help prepare them to pass the exam.

Having difficulty in preparing for the learners permit exam is not your fault! Most states are behind when it comes to new learning strategies. If you want to be prepared, and not be one of those 60% that fail the first time, enroll in an effective and affordable Learners Permit prepatory course online. For about $30, you can receive the best possible training to prepare for this important test, and pass it with flying colors on the first try!

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Some financial sanity coming down the roadway

January 19th, 2021 · No Comments

Looks like the FIA has realized that having two or three teams speed millions more than anyone else sucks. So in 2009 all the teams will be forced to work with a cap on certain expenditures. Interesting that engines might be excluded from the cap.

Smaller teams will again be forced to fight from the back row if some sort of limit is not placed on engine costs.

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Off season project

January 18th, 2021 · No Comments

Anyone who is looking for an off season project should start digging around for an old vehicle project. Some of the easier vehicles to restore come from the fine folks at Volkswagen. The thing is that the older cars were pretty simple. You can find plenty of old parts for the cars.

One interesting project would be the old military jeeps from Volkswagen called the iltis which was produced in Germany and in Canada.

The design is pretty simple except for some tricks in the four wheel drive department. Old parts are easy to find on the internet. The iltis vehicle would not be great for really cold climates not matter what people would tell you. The design was mostly for military use so comfort was not the first concern. If you switch out some basic iltis parts you can make some improvements but at the end of the day you still end up with a military vehicle.

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Hamilton for 35

August 9th, 2020 · No Comments

Reports starting to surface about Ferrari making the move for Hamilton. He’s worth 35 million per year to Ferrari. Likely would have been able to get him for 3.5 last time he redid his contract.

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Spy games

July 6th, 2020 · No Comments

In the build up to the British GP this whole spy store is breaking. Its interesting stuff to see what is happening in the background behind all the racing action. Did Maclaren actually receive any information that they could use? Well if they keep winning I’m sure Ferrari will say they got their hands on their secrets and the Coke secret recipe.

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F1 moves to military help?

March 10th, 2020 · No Comments

So the F1 season is about to hit out full throttle. With all the team presentation showing off all the new cars and all the latest high tech features it was pretty cool to see everything.

The technology behind the cars is really incredible when you compare it something like your everyday care. Sure some features have made the move over with braking systems.

What would be great is if some of the technology made it over to the military troops fighting overseas. Forget about the average car consumer. We really don’t need to go any faster and if everyone does not drive like a maniac our cars are safe enough unless you end up driving beside some 18 wheeler truck driver who is zoned out on no-doze pills.

So its all the different military forces that should be using the latest and greatest F1 equipment improvements. The Canadian forces recently got an upgrade in their standard recon Military Vehicles that they use to patrol. Now the soldiers do not get blown to bits if they hit a landmine. Thats one big improvement for the troops.

But what about if they had some other improvements. One standard F1 feature that should be ported over is the acceleration. I’m sure the soldiers would like to have some F1 speed to extract themselves from situations when they find themselves under fire.

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Streets of London

February 18th, 2020 · No Comments

Shell is leveraging its Ferrari sponsorship in a big way. Its planning on closing off parts of London to film a commercial for its high-performance V-Power fuel.

The commericla was scheduled to be filmed right around this time but I have not found any updated information.

What is interesting is the money involved. Shell announced that the commercial would cost over 2 million British pounds making it one of the most expensive commericals ever filmed. Think about that next time to pull into a Shell station to fill up your tank.

Besides London the commercial will show a Ferrari being driven in New York City and Sydney, Australia. Its scheduled to air in March of this year.

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In the marketplace

January 22nd, 2020 · No Comments

While all the teams are getting ready to reveal their new team cars this month its time for everyone else to start thinking about some fun purchases.

The problem with shopping for anything like a motorcycle or four wheel vehicle is driving around to all the dealers in your area to get some pricing info. While you can research all the details about the models online when its time to buy you need more help.

When you are researching new models its very important that you have accurate 2007 atv comparison pricing at your fingertips. With the right information you can determine if the prices that you are being quoted are fair. Once you have the pricing info you can start looking at other factors such as service.

In many past adventures on the pricing front I’ve seen prices that differ between 20 or 30 per cent between the exact same model on ATV units. Make sure you shop around online and instore before you drop the cash.

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MacLaren makes a move

January 11th, 2020 · No Comments

Well Ron Dennis is getting the MacLaren team geared up for his retirement move. All the signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

The big news is that Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Holding Company has bought 30 per cent of the team. That 30 per cent is split between two parts that were owned by Ron Dennis and Saudi investor, Mansour Ojjeh. The new ownership structure means that Dennis and Ojjeh now own 15 per cent each, the Bahrain company owns 30 per cent and DaimlerChrysler 40 per cent.

Dennis and Ojjeh reported netted about 100 million US dollars for their 15 per cent shares which actually seems to be on the low side of what the team should be worth.

So what does it all mean. Well Dennis has kept hinting and joking that he wants to retire. Really he wants to leave the day to day operations to someone else. He just wants to hang out at the races and enjoy the good live something that he deserves after all his hardwork. Let everyone else worry. One problem. He does not want to retire a loser and he’s pretty much said that in interviews.

He has now set up the team to win this season. Alonso is the man to get the job done and Dennis made sure he got his man. Plus he said that the Maclaren team will debt free by sometime this season. Alonso’s just keeps attracting new sponsors to the team so I’m sure that timeline will be meet very quickly. So he’s set everything up to win on the track and leave the team in a great business shape.

Now he just needs everyone on the team to deliver the goods on race day.

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Volkswagen help please

January 9th, 2020 · No Comments

No Volkswagen is not makig some big huge Formula One announcement. More like my search for the best value and deal has lead me to the Germans.

While searching out some information about all the new models I found this Volkswagen Forum which had plenty of information on the current models and some of the older ones.

[

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