Overview of Melanotan II

Melanotan 2 is a kind of hormone that once taken, it is going to stimulate pigmentation in your body. It work by tanning. You should be vigilant when using Melanotan II as there is limited research about it. Also, there are fake product on the market that claims to be Melanotan II.

The mechanism through which Melanotan II works is identical to that of melanocortin peptides. This is a natural hormone produced in your body and play a massive role in the sexual functioning, cardiovascular system, immune system, and pigmentation. Melanotan II works as a nonselective agonist for the melanocortin receptors. Some of the receptors that it works on is the mc1, mc2, mc4, and,mc5. The drug is going to work through melanogenesis where it is going to activate the mc1 receptors. The sexual effects of Melanotan II are thought to originate from the activation of mc4.

The use of Melanotan II has side effects just like any other drug. It has both short term and long term effects. Effects of the drug that you are going to experience in the short term include lack of appetite, spontaneous erection, and facial flushing. Melanonychia, rhabdomyolysis, and depending on the moles, and melanoma are some of the long term effects that you are likely to experience when you use this drug. When you are getting the drug, it should be prepared and administered correctly, or you fall at the risk of experiencing severe side effects.

To administer Melanotan 2 you will need to use a syringe and a needle. the best way to administer the drug is to keep the syringe like a pen at 90m degrees. Also, ensure that during the injection, the drug is admitted slowly. From the experience of the customers it is recommended that you take the drug shortly before you go to bed. When you take it at this time; you are eliminating the chances of you feeling the immediate side effects of the drug. For the new users, you are advised that you inject 0.1ml of Melanotan II every day. Immediately you get your desired color, you are only required to administer the drug once per week. You shall only be needed to attend the sunbeds sessions which are supposed to be done once in every week. When you follow the instruction correctly; you are going to have a color that everyone is going to envy.

Today, there is no clear information on how Melanotan II interact with other drugs. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you are not combining this drug with others. Also, there is no evidence to show the effect of Melanotan II in breastfeeding or pregnancy. It is however recommended that if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding you avoid this drug like fire.

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