Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

. The scalp micropigmentation has been in offering its benefits even before. It was just recently that is was recognized by many people. There are a lot of names that this procedure has come into. Even though it has many names, the treatment is actually exactly the same. The treatment does consist of the fine tattoo needle that do have the same shape and the same size as that of the follicles to be directly implanted to the scalp. The artist will tattoo thousand of the hairs into the scalp and it can contain 2000 hair follicle per square inch. As compared with the hair plugs, toupee, hair transplant or wigs, this hair micropigmentation can be a good option which is safer and a better one as compared to the result it can give by other procedures.

The other benefit of the scalp micropigmentation is that this can work well with both of the gender and this can be a great option for any age and skin types as well as different skin colors and the good thing about this procedure is that this can work on any baldness stage. There can be a lot of men and women that do come into the office that do have thinning hair right into the crown or the top of the area of the scalp. This can also be able to work well and create an appearance of some sort of density into that of the scalp with simply camouflaging that of the scalp with those thousands of the microdots. With this, it can give a full had of hair appearance and the fullness o the hair is evident.

The same kind of treatment can also be utilized into the scars of the head. The good thing about this is that it can also give full density to the certain area that had got some scar into them coming from the hair transplant treatment. Whether you are some sort of bald or you are balding or you have some scars with you from that of the medical treatment, this hair treatment can be of sure help.

If you think of it as same with the body tattoo treatment what used ink, then the SMP is not the same with the tattooing. Tattooing is actually more painful since it is going to fo much deeper into the terming be able to implant the ink as compared to the SMP that used the skin pigment. With the SMP, you are only going to have multiple mosquito bites as liked to it. The medical numbing cream is used for it to prevent causing pain or discomfort.

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